Vinyl Paint Mask - Air Force National Star and Bars Insignia - AN-I-9b (Amend #2)

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Authentic Modern Air Force National Star and Bars Insignia Decal or Paint Mask drawn to military Specs!

***Please Note: Size Selection is diameter of star. See exact Overall dimensions below.

Introduced on 14 January 1947 the Insignia Red lengthwise bars, bisecting the formerly all-white bars, were added to the roundel in reflection of 3 flag colors, roughly nine months before the official formation of the United States Air Force on 18 September 1947.

Available on Vinyl Paint Mask, this classic World War II Insignia is drafted to exact military specifications and has been used for aircraft collectors and museum restorations alike. 

Includes one (1) paint mask.

Learn how the USAF painted and aircraft insignia at our blog:

More info with a simple historical timeline of the USAAF Insignia at:

As per USAAF Spec, sizing is references per star diameter. Exact overall dimensions are below:

10" Star - 21.4"x12" Overall Dimensions
15" Star - 31"x17.5" Overall Dimensions
20" Star - 42"x23" Overall Dimensions
25" Star- 52.5"x28.7" Overall Dimensions
30" Star - 62.9"x34.4" Overall Dimensions
35" Star - 73.3"x39.9" Overall Dimensions
***Custom Sizing available by request***


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