Book: Combat Vet P-51 - The History of Sierra Sue II, World War II Survivor

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The book Combat Vet P-51, The History of Sierra Sue II, World War II Survivor, is a detailed look at the history and restoration of one combat veteran P-51 Mustang.

This historical overview begins at the Inglewood, California front door in 1944. It continues through her combat record with the Army Air Force in 1945 and service with two other nations' air forces. The final historical portion is devoted to her post-war civilian life.

Sierra Sue II's modern story is detailed in the second half of the book. It solidifies her provenance and celebrates AirCorps Aviation's painstaking restoration to precisely replicate her condition immediately after her nose art was painted on in Belgium.

The author has been able to bring you the insight of the people who flew and restored her over the seventy-some years of her existence through interviews, wartime diary entries, and decades-old notes. Also included are original military documents and over 180 photos and engineering drawings to help us understand the story of this remarkably rare surviving P-51.

Read the article by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Tom Hallman Jr.'s story about our resident author Chuck Cravens and his search for the woman depicted on the noseart of the Sierra Sue II in The Oregonian.

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Book - Sierra Sue II

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