Heavy ATE-6N P-51 Rod End

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Heavy Schafer ATE-6N rod ends for P-51 Mustang retract rod assembly


Aircraft: P-51 Mustang

Located in each landing gear wheel well, between Station 50 and Station 75 of the wing. These critical components require frequent inspection due to their propensity to fail and potentially cause a gear up landing. Commonly called "Gear Links" or "Landing Gear Rod Ends."

73-33578-3-ACP - ROD ASSEMBLY – LANDING GEAR RETRACTING STRUT CONNECTING assembly is also PMA approved and available from AIRCORPS AVIATION 

AirCorps recommends these inspections / actions.

  • Rod assemblies should be visually checked during pre-flight to verify there are no visible cracks, tube and rod ends are not bent, and Down Indicator Switch Special Bolt is not bent or rotated from alignment with the switch. Know your aircraft so any change will draw your attention.
  • Replace any lightweight ATE-6N rod ends with the heavier later variants such as this Schafer ATE-6N rod end. (For information regarding rod end identification click HERE.) 
  • Magnaflux testing rod ends if performing any landing gear maintenance work.
  • Install a take-up spring as a preventative measure to ensure that, upon a failure, the broken rod does not wedge and prevent extension or retraction.
  • Thoroughly inspect during each annual inspection

Read our Comprehensive maintenance article to learn more.


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