J-1246-3 / J-5187-2 - Cowl Mount - 1” DIA. Double Extension Tube Form Mounting FAA-PMA Approved

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AirCorps P/N: J-5187-2 - 1” DIA. DOUBLE EXTENSION TUBE FORM MOUNTING - FAA-PMA approved design and ready for install. No Core charge required!

Original Lord P/Ns: J-1246-3 superseded to J-5187-2 - 1” DIA. DOUBLE EXTENSION TUBE FORM MOUNTING

Applicable Aircraft -
B-25 Mitchell (14 per engine)
B-17 Flying Fortress (9 per engine)
FM-2 / F4F Wildcat (9 per engine)
Lockheed Lodestar (9 per engine)
AT-19 / V77 Stinson Gullwing (6 per aircraft original part number H-1003)

Signs that your Cowl Mounts might be ready for replacement:

  • Swollen or damaged rubber washers
  • Ripped or cracked rubber core
  • Excessive oil or fuel on the rubber
  • Bent end plate washers
  • Rubber core separating from the can
  • Surface cracks in rubber core
  • Examine spacers for crushing of ends, caused by excessive tightening torque on bolt

We also sell PMA approved P/N RL-25-1-ACP and P/N RL-15-1-ACP engine mounts. 

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