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​ALLPROTECT Surface Liner+™ - Padded Mechanical Protection

Protect your aircraft restoration & maintenance projects with ALLProtect™ Surface Liner.

Available NOW at AirCorps Depot!

WARBIRD APPROVED - Extremely durable - Reusable - Absorbent - Padded - Mechanical Protection

What is All-Protect Surface Liner?

Surface Liner is a reusable padded protection for leading edges, avionics work, engine repair, carpet, & furniture. The 100% removable and reusable nonwoven material is excellent and protecting parts as they come off the aircraft and any surfaces where there might be liquids, acids, grease, oils, or wear and tear from maintenance operations.

This padded, highly absorbent, extremely durable (reusable) protection solution is ideal for heavy-traffic areas on the aircraft, inside and out.

The self-stick backing allows for a quick, easy, one-man application, an exact, edge-to-edge fit on vertical surfaces, leading edges, and the top of the aircraft for a non-slip work surface even when wet or greasy.

Award Winning - 2019 BACE Best New Products - 2018 NBAA Maintenance Conference Top 10 Products - Int’lSwiss Quality

ALLProtect™ Surface Liner

Allprotect SurfaceLiner


  • PADDED for protection against scratches and dents.
  • PREVENTS dirt and debris from damaging valuable surfaces.
  • WATERPROOF surface for protection against liquids and paints.
  • STRONG and tear-resistant.
  • RE-USABLE material allows users to vacuum and roll it up for the next job.
  • CLEAN PE film backing with strong adhesive leaves no residue
  • MAXIMUM protection against paint, liquid spills, dirt, scratches & more.
  • MADE IN SWITZERLAND by the leading Swiss manufacturer of nonwoven materials, Landolt.

Sizes Available:

●Large roll - 40” width x 82 ft

●Medium Roll - 20” width x 82 ft

●Small Roll - 13” width x 82 ft

Additional features:

● Creates a safe, non-slip surface

● Solvent barrier - prevents alcohol, Skydrol, fuel from going through

● Easy to remove, leaves no residue

● Non-woven padded material that is highly durable

● Can be used on exterior, and interior surfaces (wood, carpet, window, paint)

● Reusable from the plane to the part cart - make sure surface is clean, free of debris and dry before application


Simple Steps for Maximum Performance

#1) Clear the surface from all debris and clean with a mild cleaner.

#2) Use squeegee or hands to smooth out air bubbles when applying Professional + Protection.

#3) Can be easily marked to shape and cut with a scissor or blade.


1#) Lift and Peel.

2#) Roll for reuse