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Now Home To The World's Largest Inventory Of P-51 Mustang Parts -  AIRCORPS DEPOT

Pioneer Aero Services, the worlds largest inventory of P-51 parts, has been acquired by AirCorps Depot, under the management of AirCorps Aviation. 

The goal of AirCorps Depot is simple: provide world class parts at a fair price, with outstanding customer service. We strive to put more into the warbird industry than we take out, to innovate, and keep these amazing aircraft flying safely for future generations.

The AirCorps Depot website has been supporting aircraft and selling parts across the globe for more than 10 years. By acquiring the assets of Pioneer Aero Services under the AirCorps Depot name, we will manage and build this incredible P-51 parts inventory, while also using its capital and network to acquire parts vital to the warbird industry.

We couldn’t have turned this dream into a reality without passionate supporters of the warbird industry who have recognized our capabilities, invested in this entity, and encouraged us to make this acquisition.

There are often moonshots while building a business. Goals so big that you can’t achieve them until you grow into the business that can. Eleven years ago, in the early days of AirCorps Aviation, with just four partners who were working on the road, without a shop, running up warbirds in the parking lot of a former beer distributorship, the idea of buying Pioneer Aero Services P-51 inventory was a moonshot.

The quote from Henry Ford comes to mind “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” So from the humble beginnings 11 years ago, AirCorps slowly began to climb a mountain. We bootstrapped building a business doing the work we love, that is gratifying beyond words, but not always as glamorous as it seems from the outside. Then along the way our hard work aligned with opportunity and we were in the right position to acquire Pioneer’s incredible inventory. We still have much to learn, but working for great people, and with great people, has been a key to turning the moonshot of buying the Pioneer Aero Services inventory into a reality.

“Aligning our AirCorps team, FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA), fabrication and engineering services, and Repair Station with this inventory will allow us to respond to and meet the needs of P-51 owners, operators and shops."

ERIK HOKUF General Manager - AirCorps Aviation



We believe in the warbird industry, and will ensure the P-51 Mustang is the best supported warbird in the world.


We have the personnel, knowledge, and resources, as well as the space to manage this inventory.


We serve the warbird market by providing parts, services, knowledge, & resources to support the industry.


The inventory compliments our abilities to repair, overhaul, and develop new parts through our quality systems.
“We are excited to manage the responsibility of this inventory not with the sole intent of depleting it, but instead to build, replenish, maintain it. Most importantly we will listen to the industry and proactively respond to what the Mustang market needs."

ERIC TRUEBLOOD VP - Sales / Marketing - AirCorps Aviation


Now the work begins.

We know the importance of these parts to the operators and maintainers of P-51 mustangs.

AirCorps Aviation will be incorporating the Pioneer inventory into their existing parts warehouse, and will be selling them via phone sales and their AirCorps Depot website. We plan to make the transition as seamless as possible, and will be taking over the fulfillment of orders from Pioneer immediately. An AirCorps employee will be onsite at Pioneer to help facilitate the shipment of parts to Bemidji, and existing Pioneer customers will still be able to reach the office through the existing Pioneer phone number.

The inventory will move to from Chino California up to Bemidji Minnesota the first week of March. Prior to the move we will make an announcement to get orders in prior to transport.

We are thankful to the Ward family who has been outstanding to work with. We have taken time to learn from Bret, Ginny and Greg. Ginny and Greg graciously agreed to spend time teaching us about their management tools, systems, and techniques. They have supported the industry for many years and we have big shoes to fill.

AirCorps Team 2022

AirCorps Aviation has gone from 4 partners in a parking lot, to a thriving shop of over 50 employees who serve both the warbird and broader aerospace markets. Our active FAA PMA Quality System, and Repair Station are regularly churning out new parts. Both have been strategic investments which have resulted in AirCorps being one of only 120 companies globally to be accepted into the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Among our proudest achievements is that our first warbird customers have continued to return to AirCorps again and again for the world class restorations we are now known for. 

PRESS RELEASE: AirCorps Aviation Acquires the Pioneer Aero Services P-51 Mustang Inventory